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Tokenomatic - Next Generation Decentralized Digital Asset Investment Management

Token Baskets

Ready-to-invest token portfolios, powered by self-executing smart contracts

About Tokenomatic

Crafting a next-gen decentralized digital asset investment management platform

Cryptoassets have started to gain institutional attention and compete with financial products for investment dollars across many traditional asset classes. The merging token economy could radically change the financial services landscape and transform capital markets. Tokenomatic is a decentralized digital asset investment management platform aimed at helping crypto-investing go mainstream. Blending familiar traditional finance product structures and emerging digital models, the platform aims to offer customers the next generation of structured products, based on cryptoassets.

Powered by the ‘Basket Protocol’, the platform enables the creation of a composite basket of tokens with the assets held in custody by the smart contract itself, allowing investors to instantly access, buy and trade an expert-curated portfolio of cryptoassets. The themed pick-and-trade ‘token baskets’ offer everyday folks as well as investment managers, a simple and structured approach to start building a portfolio of cryptoassets. Apart from being cost-effective, this approach allows individuals as well as institutional users to balance crypto holdings, promotes seamless token portfolio creation and offers smart risk management.

Pilot Folios

Theme-based ready-to-own token portfolios

How it works

  1. Experts design and craft thematic token baskets

  2. Individual and Institutional investors explore baskets and request for one or more

  3. Dealers look out for and receive buy/sell requests

  4. Dealers curate/sell off tokens and fulfill pending buy/sell requests

  5. Investors receive basket/token

  6. Expert receives compensation

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