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Tokenomatic - Next Generation Digital Asset Investment Management

Wealth Management for the age of Digital Assets

Structure, distribute and trade institutional-grade digital asset investment products

About Tokenomatic

Crafting a next-gen digital asset investment management platform

Digital assets have started to gain institutional attention and compete with financial products for investment dollars across many traditional asset classes. Financial advisors have received interest from clients who say they will start/increase allocations to digital assets. Separately, leading institutions (& consortiums) have expressed interest in issuing and using digital currencies, while financial institutions are exploring issuing traditional securities in tokenized digital format. However, the lack of digital asset based structured product and portfolio solutions has left financial institutions anticipating and investors hesitant to get involved. On their own, investors have to navigate various complicated aspects of digital assets including fragmented markets, limited liquidity, custody and more.

Tokenomatic is a next-generation Digital Asset Management platform that enables the effective creation, structuring, distribution and trading of institutional-grade digital asset investment products; powered by programmable, self-executing smart contracts. The platform brings the convenience and risk/return advantages of managed and passive funds (currently only open to accredited investors) to world of digital assets and to the broader public by combining the benefits of managed accounts and ETFs.

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Pilot Digital Asset Folios

Theme-based ready-to-own portfolios

How it works

  1. Experts structure and create thematic portfolios

  2. Investors explore the marketplace and request for one or more folios

  3. Broker-Dealers look out for and receive buy/sell requests

  4. Broker-Dealers curate and fulfill pending buy/sell requests

  5. Investors receive folio. Expert receives compensation

  6. Exchanges list and traders can trade folios/derivatives

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